"Steven Kent delivers the Ultimate Celebration of the Legends in his Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley Songbook performance."
"Just back from seeing Steven Kent presents CASH & KING.  There are not enough superlatives to describe this phenomenal show.  Steven is absolutely the best and what a fantastic and incredible band!  Great music, fantastic storytelling.  Even if you don't think you're a Johnny Cash or an Elvis fan;  if you're a music fan, I can't recommend this show enough.  Thanks for great show Steven Kent!"
"If you're a Johnny Cash or Elvis fan you MUST see this concert If you're not a Cash or Elvis fan you MUST see this concert.  A real treat for all music lovers."
Steven, along with his band are accomplished performers, providing audiences with their rendition of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley songs like you never have heard them before.  Steven Kent mesmerizes the audience with interesting stories and dialogue of meeting both these legends.  Whether you are a Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley fan or just love music, you must see what these incredible musicians do on stage.  Steven is without a doubt one of the finest entertainers in this country and his band is one of the best you will see live.  This is not an impersonator or tribute show with jumpsuits and sideburns.  It's a celebration of music show for the two most iconic legends in popular music history, highlighting the talents and tragedies of both, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley from the heart with passion.

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